Christian Dating Service

October 20th, 2008

bigchurchWhat are the pros of a Christian dating service?

If you are a religious follower of Jesus and are also a single male or female looking for your soul mate or spouse but don’t know where to start, then you should consider the path of a Christian dating service.

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These services allow you to choose a date from fellow Christians in your area or around the world. There are many different styles of services for Christian dating and this article will go over some of them to guide you in which one will work best for you.

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Online Christian dating service

There are actually specific online dating sites that specialize in setting up Christians with other Christians around he globe or nation. These sites, if paid subscription is necessary, are some of the most secure sites out there. They protect you against identity theft and fraud. These sites have very small if not no sexual content in them. This means you will not be tempted while visiting them and can enjoy a sex free environment. You don’t have to worry about the kids looking over your shoulder and thinking you are doing a bad thing! These sites are perfectly family friendly and safe!

The representative interview service

These are not necessarily considered a Christian dating service but can aid you in that direction. When you go to one of these services you are interviewed by a representative of the company, and then he complies a profile based on what you say during the interview. Now, he can right that you prefer a date to be Christian and he will look for dates that are Christian more than others. The problem with these dating services is that they can miss a lot of people that you would date regardless of their religion.


This is the basic and biggest Christian dating service there is available. If you find that online dating services and representative interviews not your thing, the best way to go is to church. In a church you are comfortable with your surroundings and you are able to talk to everyone their without feeling like a loner. If you are going to use a Christian dating service I would recommend starting at your local church. If that fails, which it most likely won’t because a lot of people meet future spouses at church, then you should consider going to another Christian dating service.

Christian dating service

Dating Jewish

October 20th, 2008

jdateThere are some online dating services that are offered to a more restricted number of people. This restriction is based on certain criteria according to which people can or professional essay writers cannot benefit from the facilities provided.

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Given the fact that Jewish form a rather close community all over the world, that they live under strict rules, that they are not so open to technological innovations and perhaps are more reserved when it comes to using online services in as far as finding a partner is concerned there were created some special Jewish online dating services.

There are several best-known sites that are concerned only with this problem and the reason for this is that a single Jewish cannot have a relationship with a non-Jewish partner. For them Judaism plays a tremendous role in finding soul mates. That’s why they feel the need of having their own spaces and of creating their own online dating sites where people who do not have the same religion are not accepted.

For Jewish singles the chances of finding the perfect partner in their daily life are very much reduced as the possibilities are limited. But Jewish online dating is the best alternative for them in order to get to know as many people as possible with the same religion. This way they enhance the probability of meeting the ideal mate.

Jewish Online Dating Services

In this case the services offered for Jewish persons are more serious for they are looking only for serious relationships. The moment they decide to subscribe on such sites they are interested only in meeting or even marrying within faith, love and peace. In as far as they are concerned there are no intentions of having only sexual contacts. This is valid for single Jewish persons.

Services are not offered only for singles but also for the entire community of Jewish people all over the world. By establishing firm friendships they have the opportunity of preserving their values and traditions and of promoting and strengthening their mentalities regarding family life, ethical ideas and religion.

Under such circumstances the chances of being fooled are narrowed. Every member knows exactly his aim, that is to search for stable, friendly and truthful relationships, and morality will not permit him to take advantage of someone of the same religion as his.

Jewish online dating constitutes another proof that this system is meant to include every community, every minority.

Jewish Online Dating

Dining out with a date poses a gauntlet of hazards

October 19th, 2008

Dating with kids: Make room for — what’s this guy’s name again, Mom?

October 19th, 2008


eharmony2.jpgSingle mom Melanie Holt says getting back into the dating game wasn’t like an eHarmony or commercial. Four years ago, her friends had to convince her to call the man she’s still dating now.

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We both weren’t looking for a relationship,” Holt says.They each have two children and were cautious about introducing them to one another.”We’ve tried to make decisions in our relationship based on what would be best for our children,” Holt, 39, says.

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“We talked about when it would be right for our children to meet. The kids don’t ask for this situation, so you want to make it a healthy environment for them.”Holt, who lives in Jackson, Tenn., started dating after she and her husband of 10 years divorced. After the divorce, it took about two years for her to go on a date.

She’s protective of her children, who are now part of a blended family since her ex-husband remarried.

Dating with children can be complicated, Holt says.

“We’re trying to find a balance between our children, their schedule, our work schedule and just normal household stuff,” she says.

And finding that balance can be difficult for divorced single parents. A reality series on the Learning Channel last summer called “Must Love Kids” followed three single moms in their 30s and highlighted the challenges of finding a partner when children are involved.

“A lot of people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes for a single parent,” says Stacy Kaiser, a relationship expert and psychotherapist from Los Angeles. “It’s not easy.”

Single parents shouldn’t introduce their children to someone they’re dating unless the relationship is headed in a long-term direction, says Kaiser, who is a single mother of two.

“If you have doubts about the relationship, it’s not fair to bring the children into it, because they’ll grow attached to the person you’re dating,” Kaiser says.

Also, introducing your child to the person you’re dating can be awkward for him, she says.

“It can put a lot of stress on kids and make them feel anxious,” Kaiser says. “For a child, their world is about them. They end up wondering ‘How is this going to impact me?’ and ‘How is my life going to change?’ “

Putting kids first

When Holt dated a man who didn’t have children, he wasn’t understanding, she says.

“When he called, he seemed demanding and less understanding because he wanted to spend time with me when I had my children to take care of,” Holt says.

Kaiser says most adults who don’t have children are used to putting themselves first instead of a child.

“Another issue that comes up with this is if your child doesn’t like the person you’re dating and they’re mean to him,” she says. “Don’t force the person you’re dating on your child. You can’t force your child to like someone you like, just like you can’t force someone you like to like your child.”

Holt’s children seem comfortable with her dating situation. She keeps her children first and lets them know that the person she’s dating will never take their place in her life, she says.

Kaiser says children can feel threatened by their parent’s relationship.

“They’re worried they’ll lose their parents to that relationship or have less time with their parents,” she says.

Learning to date

Pamela Perry, a single mother of two in Jackson, describes her dating experience as different.

She’s been single for four years after divorcing her husband.

“I never really dated,” Perry, 44, says. “I met my husband in college, and bam, that was it.”

Her children are now 19 and 23.

“They’re pretty good about letting me make my own choices about the men I date,” Perry says. “I’m trying to find someone who’s not into playing games when it comes to a relationship, someone who is honest.”

For single parents learning how to date, Kaiser suggests seeking friendships with the opposite sex first.

“Get involved in hobbies, classes where you’re socializing with men but not forced to go on a date that can be scary,” she says.

Blind dates aren’t a bad idea either, Kaiser says.

“That way, whoever you’re getting fixed up with comes with a reference,” she says.

Perry dated someone for two years after her divorce.

“A lot of men now are afraid to commit themselves, not necessarily to settle down but to a relationship,” she says.

But Perry doesn’t plan to call it quits on dating just yet.

“I’m going to keep on chugging along until I find that person,” she says.

More dating websites

RSVP Launches Australia’s First Adventure Travel Community

October 19th, 2008

rsvpAustralia’s largest online dating site,, has launched Australia’s first ‘Adventure travel’ community which allows likeminded singles to interact with and meet others who share a passion for travel.

Following a two-month trial period, the RSVP ‘Adventure Travellers’ community has attracted over 4,500 members to join and is an additional service for members who already enjoy RSVP’s trips around Australia and overseas.

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Lija Jarvis, Customer Support Director, believes RSVP’s communitiesoffer singles an innovative and exciting way to meet others with similar interests.

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“With 1.3 million members, communities offer singles a great way to refine their search for people who have similar interests and passions. This is a fantastic way to find others who you instantly have something in common with. Our ‘Adventure Travellers’ community is already one of our most popular communities.”

With 20 different communities already launched to date, RSVP boasts a total membership of 56,000.

Within each community, a member has access to articles, features, offers, blogs, reviews, video content and can easily search for other singles via the photo gallery.

Site visitation to the communities pages in September alone has recorded over 1.95 million page impressions.

New communities are added each week based on suggestions from Members. RSVP’s communities are free for members to join, and include groups such as ‘Food and Wine Lovers’, ‘Fitness Fanatics’, ‘Over 50 and Fabulous’, ‘Lovers of the Arts’, ‘Single Parents’ and ‘Movie Buffs’.

RSVP is Australia’s largest online dating site with 1.3 million members and 1.1million unique browsers each month.

Over 1,000 new members sign up every day and each day 50,000 emails are exchanged between its members.

To date, RSVP has claimed to be instrumental in over 4,500 weddings and at least 500 babies.

Most popular online adult dating sites

October 19th, 2008

Adult dating web sites

adultfriendfinderare a preferred place for many adults to meet future partners. There are thousands international and local free online adult dating services available designed to bring people together. A funny fact is that many of their users join such sites in search of new sex partners or just for some spicy adventures but end up with serious relationships or even marriage.

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Free online adult dating services are also widely used by couples eager to spice up their love life. Most of the online adult websites are a meeting place for many swingers and couples who are looking for more intense sexual experience.

It is relatively easy to find a free online adult dating service. All you need to do is to spend a couple of minutes searching the internet. You should be selective though as the way a free online adult dating site looks (and feels) can tell you much about the personals you will find in its database.

Website look

The way a web site is designed can tell you much about it. Professionally designed sites are more likely to hold a database of genuine members with true intentions. On the other hand, a scrappy site tells you that the people that set it up do not care much about their content or the members of the site. People who were committed enough to spend some money on web site design must be serious about the service their site is providing and its quality.

Website features

The fact that the site is free does not mean that it should not have any of the standard dating site features. You should be able to post a photo profile, have access to advanced search options, email alerts, an anonymous messaging system and blocking options. All of these will ensure a safe and satisfactory experience.

Paid Vs. Free online adult dating service

Finally consider the pros and cons of joining a free online adult dating service. While joining a free site will definitely save you some money, it is more likely the site to disappoint you as well. Moreover, a paid dating site guarantees the quality of its members. After all a person who have paid $100 for his or hers membership must be serious and honest. Real companies who care about the quality of their service operate paid sites so it is less likely to become a spam victim or even a victim of sexual abuse.

Most popular online adult dating sites

Hottest Dating Sites Based on Religion, Ethnicity

October 18th, 2008

jdate.comThe rise of social networking may have driven some users away from dating sites – one of the web’s oldest businesses – but at least some niche players are thriving.

Business is apparently brisk at some religion/ethnicity-based dating and matchmaking sites, even if sometimes it’s parents who are placing their children’s profiles online to find the “right” person, according to the Chicago Tribune (via Sites such as (for Jews) is bucking the trend of relatively flat growth of most well-known sites.

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Unique visitors to increased 43 percent during the same period. Overall, the number of dating sites haw increased to 1,122 from 850 in July 2005, according to Hitwise.

If Goes Offline and Hundreds of Thousands of People Can’t Hook Up, Does It Make a Sound?

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gay.comPlanetOut’s spent untold sums of cash revamping its infrastructure in the past few months, which was most visibly seen with the relaunch of its chat program — easily the most used feature on the site.

Except ever since the gay hub debuted the new version of its site at the beginning of the month, has been plagued by downtime. By our rough science, it’s been offline more than it’s been online. Quite embarrassing for a company that’s already had its fiscal misadventures widely reported (Queerty included), but we imagine few of you care how this affects the accounting books than it does your online cruising.

So, you tell us: How has going offline hit you? Fewer hookups? Are you just signing up for instead? Or are you suddenly abstinent? Hitting the bars more? Or banking on monogamy?

Queerty will have more on the problems festering at — but first, we want to know if it’s really affecting you, or if Facebook already supplanted the site.

(And yes, we’re prepared for any number of you saying how irrelevant is, because it’s just a place to hunt for sex, and why should you care. But that’s idiot logic, because plenty of fags use the site quite often. Sometimes daily.)

And below,’s open apology letter to members.

Since the launch of the new, the site‘s performance has been up and down. For those of you who have experienced the site during an outage or when it is slow, we want to apologize. We know that you expect more from us. Many of you have let us know that directly, and you are right. We are listening.

Not only are we listening, but we are literally working around the clock to give you the experience you expect from Site speed and performance are rapidly improving each day. Still, we are not yet where we need to be.

So what can you expect in the days ahead in terms of on-going improvements and our communication to you about them?

We are adjusting our hardware configurations and software code to further speed processes. Despite extensive pre-launch testing, a site of the scale and complexity of is virtually impossible to emulate in a test lab. Additionally, we have seen new usage patterns from the site that we could not model and are adjusting our hardware and code to streamline and improve performance. With the addition of more servers earlier in the week, we have seen positive results in overall site speed. We continue to monitor site performance and may add additional capacity as necessary.
We continue to identify and fix the bugs that have resulted in unplanned system outages.
We are committed to customer service and getting everyone on the site. We have received a tremendous number of phone calls and emails with your questions and suggestions. We are working to meet your needs as fast as we can. We also know that many people still cannot get into chat for technical reasons. Should you need help immediately, we keep an up-to-date Known Issues link on our blog at
We promise to be as open as possible in our communication to you. We know these changes (both the relaunch itself and the follow-on outages) can be confusing and frustrating. We will do our best to let you know what is happening, and when and how it may affect you as a user of the site. Given the changes that we need to make, we know that we will need to have a few more planned outages. We will do everything possible to give everyone adequate advance warning of these outages. Whenever possible, planned outages will be conducted in off-peak hours.
Many of you have called upon us to revert back to the “old” site. While the launch of the new site has had its own early challenges, we strongly believe that the new site will be more stable, more flexible and more capable of rapidly meeting your needs, especially when we have worked these last kinks out.

To that end, the feedback we are getting about our new features is valued and appreciated. Yes, there are things that we still need to do (i.e., restoring the ignore and /me features in group chat), but we also have received a lot of positive feedback on many of the changes. Please keep it coming. We really are listening.

We hope this letter helps you better understand what has been happening since the launch. Our first priority throughout this time has been to get all of you on the site and having a great time. We know that we have work to do to get there.

We appreciate your continued patience and support and will do our best to promise you are not disappointed.

The management team of PlanetOut

Christian Online Dating

October 15th, 2008


Best Online Dating Service

October 15th, 2008

bigchurchWhat’s the best online dating service that fits you?

A Christian single man I am sure will feel very out of place in an adult friend finder’s site looking for another Christian partner to marry. This is also true if you are a single person looking for a partner and doesn’t know what each type of site offers to its users.

Below you will be told what types of sites do what and what best online dating service works for you.

The Religious Approach

There are a variety of different religious online dating sites that provide their users with the option to find a partner around their nation that has the same religious interests and beliefs as the other. These sites are not just limited to Christians; they have sites for religions such as Later Day Saints, Jewish, and Catholic. I would suggest the site for a good place to look at online dating for Christians.

The Sexual Approach

This is the best online dating service for anyone looking for a sexual partner more than a long term possible marriage partner. These sites allow the user to browse local singles and find a person in their area that is looking to have fun for a night or two. These sites can charge a lot for there services because of all the features they offer. These sites may not be a good place to go if you are looking for a longer term relationship.

The Serious Approach

If you are looking for a person that you will want to spend the rest of your life with this is the best online dating service available. If you are not so sure about going out into the physical realm of the world and look for a partner internet dating is a must for you. These sites offer extremely detailed and good profiles to help you determine certain people’s pros, cons, hobbies, or even their religious beliefs. This sites house less faulty identities because of their higher monthly payment to be a member.

The friendly approach

When you aren’t necessarily looking for a sexual, religious, or a serious relationship with someone these sites would be the best place to go. If your looking to network than this is the best online dating service there is available. These sites get you to know people but aren’t necessarily pressured into having to have a relationship with them. These sites foster a lot of fraud though because of there ease to access them because they are free. Settings can be set so that certain people can’t see your profile or everyone can’t see it until you let them.

When picking a website to start dating or networking on you should know which services are the best online dating services for you.

Best Online Dating Service