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Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Single Life – Internet Dating

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

eharmony.jpgBy: DaveStuff

You know I used to be a bible teacher… That would be Sunday School at a local Baptist church… I was a singles teacher which is often the hardest teaching position in a church to fill…People don’t want to mess with singles and their problems. Do YOU? But how many problems do singles actually have?

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It’s funny… Many people that are married or together with somebody will envy their single friends…And then single people want to be with somebody… It just goes round and round.

Where does one go to get “hooked up”? With the success of MySpace and other networking sites it appears more and more are going with the internet to pick up dates. (Been there done that myself) For better or worse…  :O

It’s easy to pass hours at a time talking to prospects on the other end of a computer… As un tangable as that might be… People talk about “falling in love” over the internet without ever meeting the person face to face… Very strange.

But hey! It’s all good… You can have that guy that looks like your dad on TV over at eHarmony sign you up with a credit card to meet thousands of people that are looking for love. Current Offer:  20% off a 6 month subscription. Code: CJSUMMERPROMOAABB. Expiration: Nov 30th 2008. And their “system” matches you up perfectly with a mate…What could be better? Launches Consumer Dating Panel

Monday, October 20th, 2008 is launching a new consumer panel that aims to provide an “on-the-ground” view of dating in 21st century Britain. The online canadian pharmacy “match100” panel will also be consulted on potential new services from the dating site.The panel, which has been launched to mark its 1 billionth email and 1 billionth “wink”, will be made up of members that have found love through the site and users that are still looking.

Its first task is to compile an “insider’s guide” to online dating, drawing on and sharing their own experiences.

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Jason Stockwood, international managing director for, says: “The ‘match100’ is a vocal, diverse group of all ages from across the nation and their opinions and experiences will make a huge impact on our business.”

He adds that the new panel will help the site continue to provide members with the best possible chance of finding love by listening to customers’ feedback and continually improving the site, which launched in 2001, and its services.

RSVP Launches Australia’s First Adventure Travel Community

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

rsvpAustralia’s largest online dating site,, has launched Australia’s first ‘Adventure travel’ community which allows likeminded singles to interact with and meet others who share a passion for travel.

Following a two-month trial period, the RSVP ‘Adventure Travellers’ community has attracted over 4,500 members to join and is an additional service for members who already enjoy RSVP’s trips around Australia and overseas.

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Lija Jarvis, Customer Support Director, believes RSVP’s communitiesoffer singles an innovative and exciting way to meet others with similar interests.

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“With 1.3 million members, communities offer singles a great way to refine their search for people who have similar interests and passions. This is a fantastic way to find others who you instantly have something in common with. Our ‘Adventure Travellers’ community is already one of our most popular communities.”

With 20 different communities already launched to date, RSVP boasts a total membership of 56,000.

Within each community, a member has access to articles, features, offers, blogs, reviews, video content and can easily search for other singles via the photo gallery.

Site visitation to the communities pages in September alone has recorded over 1.95 million page impressions.

New communities are added each week based on suggestions from Members. RSVP’s communities are free for members to join, and include groups such as ‘Food and Wine Lovers’, ‘Fitness Fanatics’, ‘Over 50 and Fabulous’, ‘Lovers of the Arts’, ‘Single Parents’ and ‘Movie Buffs’.

RSVP is Australia’s largest online dating site with 1.3 million members and 1.1million unique browsers each month.

Over 1,000 new members sign up every day and each day 50,000 emails are exchanged between its members.

To date, RSVP has claimed to be instrumental in over 4,500 weddings and at least 500 babies.

Introduction to Yahoo Personals

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Avalanche Suite of Online Dating Sites Flourishing in Recessed Economy

Thursday, October 9th, 2008 Sees Growth in New Subscribers;

    Members Spending More Time Looking for Love Online Than on Actual Dates

MIAMI BEACH, FL, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ – The majority of Americans are hurting in today’s recessed economy and the Nation’s singles are no different, with many getting pink slipped before happy hour. And, as people cut back on everything from consumer electronics to out-of-home eating/entertainment spending, Avalanche, LLC, owner of leading online dating site, reported today that it has experienced growth during these cash strapped times. Additionally, a new poll reveals that site members are becoming frugal with dating, investing more time looking for love online before committing to a date.

“We were not surprised that overall revenues for grew 17% compared to the first and second quarters of last year,” said Meir Strahlberg, CEO of Avalanche. “Singles are being a lot more strategic with their dating methods, spending more time making sure the person they meet online is worth the cost of a date. And, while many members are reining in what they deem non-essential expenditures, we’ve found that with singles the search for love and a soul mate is as much of a priority as paying the monthly rent check or electric bill.”

In addition to the influx of new subscribers, current members of Avalanche’s suite of online dating sites are logging in with more frequency and spending hours searching through profiles, sending e-mails and utilizing the private chat capabilities.

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In fact, there has been a steady increase in online activity since the start of the fiscal year with 3% or more month over month, while cumulative growth has netted a 26% change.

Given today’s economic climate, we also decided to poll our members to see how they are coping socially. In a new survey of thousands of single men and women nationwide, we asked: The recession might be hurting your wallet, but how has it affected your dating life?

    Following are the complete poll results:    I spend more time online/on the phone before actually               48%

    setting up a face-to-face date. If I'm going to spend

    the cash, I want to make sure the date is worth it.

I'm a lot more creative with first dates. Coffee and                11%

    a stroll through the park is a great first date that

    won't break the bank!

I stopped going to bars and clubs to pick up people,                11%

    the cost for entrance fees and drinks alone were

    killing me! I've been trying to meet people in other

    places, like online, during my commute, at the gym

    or Barnes & Noble.

Third date dinner and a movie is no longer in my                     9%

    budget, although the nightcap and nookie at my/their

    place is certainly cost effective.

The recession isn't affecting me at all, I'm still                   5%

    going all out on dates

All of the Above                                                    16%

About Avalanche, LLC


Avalanche operates several leading online dating websites, including launched on Valentine’s Day 1997 and has become one of the world’s most popular dating websites. First started as a Bulletin Board System in 1986. Avalanche hosts more than 10 million members worldwide, with the sites adding over 100,000 members each month. Additional information is available at

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