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Bait and switch

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008


“Using Uk Photo Personals? Don’t make the same mistake this guy made”




Don’t make the same mistakes this guy made using uk photo personals.


She rakes in over $10,000 a month simply by writing emails to her virtual male ‘friends.’ Could you be one of those men who are unknowingly tripping over themselves to help make HER wealthier?


Do you enjoy being taken advantage of?

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Of course NOT!


Neither do I…


And that’s why I simply refuse to sit around and allow “so-called” women to try and TRICK YOU

into sending them money.


Today I share details about a typical “BAIT AND SWITCH” tactic many scammers use to prey on

un-Savvy guys meeting women online…


You definitely want to BE ON THE LOOKOUT for this one! (I’ve included the story below for your

reading enjoyment).






A man has lost £16,000 ($38,345 in two internet dating scams after sending money overseas to girls

who failed to turn up.


David Hodgkinson, from Margate in Kent, advertised his profile on a variety of internet dating sites and was approached by a Russian woman called ‘Natalia’.Ê


Hodgkinson sent the woman £10,000 (A$23,972) so that she could obtain a visa and purchase a ticket

to fly over and meet him in the UK.


After being given a variety of arrival dates he went to Heathrow to meet her four times but she never arrived.


“I feel no ill in my heart. I did really love her,” Hodgkinson told the BBC.


Hodgkinson then tried a Christian dating site and stared chatting with a woman from Senegal. He sent her £6,000 (A$14,386) but again she failed to turn up.


Hodgkinson borrowed money from his elderly mother and remortgaged his home to pay for the two girls. His mother is now taking out a loan to clear his debts.


“I did tell him off about keeping going to Heathrow,” she said. “In my heart I knew they wouldn’t ever turn up. But he never listened.”





Stories like this make me sick!


I think to myself, if only I’d had a chance to speak with David (or if he’d gotten my program), he could have so easily have avoided the mess (and $38,345 in debt) he gotten herself into.


Okay… I just want to point out a few things in the story for other guys out there to learn from.


After sending money, and going to the airport not 1 time, not 2 times, not 3 times – but FOUR times, ‘she’ never showed up. (maybe thats because there really was no ‘she’).


He got burned by this scam one time, then what does he turn around and do?






Poor guy.


I mean c’mon.  Would you do the same?


… And to make matters worse, the poor guy went and re-mortgaged his home PLUS borrowed money

from his elderly mom!


(Damn, am I the only one who think this guys chasing just a bit too much?)


Here is yet another example of how the “pros” PREY ON naive guys!


If you think this is a just a rare occurrence, think again!


There are plenty of people out there who are experts at convincing you to part with your hard

earned money.


You’re not going to fall for this are you?


No way!


The second (and VERY important) reason I’m writing you is to point out  “hidden lessons” you

can learn from this whole thing.


Here they are:


1. Never send money to ANYONE on any dating website. The moment ‘she’

asks for money is the moment you stop communicating with ‘her.’


2. If you get an email from a woman overseas, ESPECIALLY russia or africa,



3. Communicate with women in your LOCAL area. Why waste time talking to

someone who doesn’t live nearby?


Hmmm… something to think about.




Dave M. is the author of Insider Internet Dating: Discover how an average guy met 398 women with online personals — using an embarrassingly simple, dummy proof, internet dating ‘routine’ that works nearly every time. He also publishes a free internet dating tips newsletter, available at

10 tips to make your online dating more successful.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

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insiderinternetdating2.jpeg“Want to Meet Women Online? These 10 tips make it easy.”



Here are ten tips that make meeting women online a breeze.


TIP #1


Mention Something About Her Profile


Make sure you address a thing or 2 about her profile in your initial email.


Women will know when you’re mass mailing out these emails UNLESS you customize each one to them.


I few years ago it wasn’t the case, but with the recent success of double your dating, it seems like almost every guy is using the same email that david DeAngelo recommended years ago.


This is changed the game a bit for the rest of us, so make sure you tailor each email to that woman.


It should only take a few more minutes per email so its not that big of a deal but it WILL increase your results vs. not adding anything in.



TIP #2


Add A Call To Action


What do you want the woman to do as a result of reading that email?


Well, i know you want her to respond, so tell her that.  Let her know that if she’s interested you’d like to hear back from her.


You can say something like:


If you find (this email/my profile) interesting, I’d like to hear back from you.


Or something similar.


The point is, you need to lead the woman and tell her what you’d like her to do as a result of reading the email.



TIP #3


Spell Check


Make sure you have no spelling errors when you’re sending out these emails.


There’s nothing worse than a woman reading your email and saying to herself, ‘Wow, this guy can’t spell.’


It totally gives off the wrong impression and puts you behind the 8 ball from the get-go.


It takes 30 seconds to run a spell check in your word processing program (15 minutes if you use Microsoft WORD. LOL)



TIP #4


Ask A Female Friend


Once you’ve gone thru and reworked your profile, go ahead and ask a female friend of yours to have a quick look at it and give you her opinion on it.


If you’ve got an odd sense of humor, it might come off as you being VERY weird and might scare off some women, so DON’T try too hard. Remember the goal of the profile is to let women know you’re a cool, confident, classy, charismatic guy.


Think of your profile as a brochure. Its a point of reference for women to go back to.



TIP #5


Show And Tell


What I mean by this is that if you say that you’re athletic, then give an example of what types of sports/activities you enjoy.


If you say that you like movies, which ones?


State it, then back it up with something a bit more detailed.



TIP #6


Your Photos


Rule number 1 with photos is to NEVER EVER have a photo with no shirt on.


Its very tacky and women typically will laugh at it regardless of how great your 6 pack abs are.


I always recommend using the photos to show off your lifestyle…


Give women a glimpse of what you’re like, what type of life you lead.


Have a photo in a suit.  Its classy and women always love a man in a suit and tie.


If you’re balding, thats o.k. don’t wear a hat in every picture because women will think thats being deceitful.  They want to see what’s up before they meet you.


Listen whatever issue you have about your looks/body make it her problem not yours.


You’re a great guy and you need to project that to each and every woman that you come in contact with.



TIP #7


No Winks


Never send a wink.  it shows that you’ve got no confidence and are waiting for the woman to make the first move. (there are much better ways to get women to make the first move)


Remember that women love confident men and by sending a wink, she knows right away that you lack confidence.


It’s o.k. if she sends you a wink but sending her a wink isn’t going to work well for you.



TIP #8


Get Her Number Already!


There’s absolutely no reason to wait 3+ emails to ask her for her number, and unfortunately this is a problem most guys have.

Most guys tend to wait for the woman to suggest taking things offline, which conveys you aren’t confident.


I preach getting her number the SECOND time you email her.


It shows that you’re busy, you don’t have time for these ‘online relationships’ and you have a life.


Remember this: The longer you wait to ask her for her number, the lower her interest becomes.


Strike while the interest is high.



TIP # 9


Make Her Laugh


When you finally do get her on the phone, make sure you make her feel comfortable.


Remember thats she’s probably a bit nervous talking to some random guy that she met on the internet.


Women have this fear of meeting some whacko, so make sure you ease her fears.


Once you’ve done that, your next goal should be to make her laugh…


A lot.


Talk about funny things, maybe some ‘odd’ experiences you’ve had while doing this internet dating thing. If you haven’t been out with anyone yet, then talk about some funny emails you may have gotten.


It’s a great way to break the ice.



TIP # 10


Have A Plan


Like in any sport, you need a plan for each step of the way. Dating is usually a ‘taboo’ topic for most guys to talk about with their buddies.


We don’t want to feel like we’re losers or dorks and we usually feel like less of a man if we ask for help.


Trust me, I’ve been there.


Listen, Is there anything wrong with a guy that wants a plan?


Because maybe because he’s nervous, or unsure about what to do in certain situations.


Is there really anything wrong with that?


Is there anything wrong with a guy wanting to make sure that everything goes well, that he doesn’t have to stress out about what to do each step of the way?


Or so that he doesn’t blow a TON of cash each time he meets a woman?


Is that so wrong?


We get one chance to make this work with women, ONE chance.


We blow it and we can kiss that woman goodbye forever, so why not give yourself every opportunity to make it work?


I think thats smart.




Dave M. is the author of Insider Internet Dating: Discover how an average guy met 398 women with online personals — using an embarrassingly simple, dummy proof, internet dating ‘routine’ that works nearly every time. He also publishes a free internet dating tips newsletter, available at

10 Myths about meeting women online.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008


8 Words that make you irresistible to women.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

insiderinternetdating.jpeg“Instantly boost your Confidence With Women by saying these 8 words”

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No confidence with women? Use these 8 words that make you irresistible to women.

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I believe in the power of words.  Don’t you?

Sometimes, all it takes is a few well-chosen words used in an e-mail or a conversation with a woman – and she’s literally under your spell.

If you don’t believe me, I’ll give you solid proof in a moment.

But first, I want to tell you the 8 words that will not only boost your confidence with women, they will make you irresistible to women as well.  These are words that are particularly useful after you’ve managed to ask a woman out on a date, and she’s agreed.

So now that you’ve landed that date and you’re on your way to meet her, if you’re like most men, you probably have a case of the jitters – especially if the woman you’re going out on a date with is H*O*T with a capital H.

The bad news is that if you go on and meet your date in that jittery state, she’ll smell it a mile away.

It’s a big turn-off for women when men stammer, are unsure of themselves or appear nervous.  Remember that confidence with women is one of the 5 Cs of dating.  Confidence is sexy to a woman.

So what should you do to instantly feel at ease and confident?  Here’s a trick I learned that works wonders.

Right before you meet with your date, repeat these 8 words to yourself out loud:

“I’m irresistible and she’s going to love me.”

Okay, I know it may sound like nothing more than a simple affirmation, but you won’t know the power of it until you try it.

Repeat the sentence many times and actually FEEL irresistible.  Begin to act AS IF you’re irresistible.  How would your posture be, and how would you stand, how would you speak if you absolutely KNEW you were irresistible?

When you do this exercise and really FEEL it, you’ll find that your body will rearrange itself to be aligned with your new state of mind.

You’ll appear supremely confident and a woman will sense that you’re desirable (without knowing why).

I know a guy who does a different variation of this exercise.  He struts as if he’s just won 20 million dollars in the state lottery.  He feels rich, powerful and able to conquer any woman.

That makes him a magnet to women, even if his wealth and power are only make-believe!  The key is to act AS IF you have what it takes to attract women.  If this works for you, go for it.

Earlier on, I told you that with a few well-chosen words, you can literally put a woman under your spell.

This may sound cheesy to you but it’s true.

There are 2 magic phrases that I’ve used over and over again when talking to women that are absolutely killer.  These phrases are so powerful that my dating success skyrocketed when I began inserting them into my conversations with women.

You, too, will be shocked and amazed how well you do when you start using these phrases.

So what are these 2 magic phrases?

You know, I’d really like to tell you but I’m afraid you’ll take them out of context if you haven’t learned the rest of the Insider Internet Dating program.

You see, these phrases are pretty counter-intuitive.  They sound like things you should never say to a woman but trust me on this, they’ll work wonders.

However, when you familiarize yourself with the overall strategy I teach about relating to women, you’ll know without a doubt why these phrases are powerful.

Dave M. is the author of Insider Internet Dating: Discover how an average guy met 398 women with online personals — using an embarrassingly simple, dummy proof, internet dating ‘routine’ that works nearly every time. He also publishes a free internet dating tips newsletter, available at

7 killer tips to help you write emails women read and respond to

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

insiderinternetdating2.jpeg“These 7 email tips make getting an Online Booty Call a Piece of Cake”

According to various internet statistics, there are over 50 million active subscribers to dating services. That’s just in the U.S. alone.

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If you’re single and looking for an online booty call, this is something you absolutely should NOT overlook. Meeting women online is the ‘in’ thing to do these days. Everyone is doing it.

On the surface it seems rather easy…

Post a quick profile, add a few pictures, do a search for some hotties, find a few then fire off a few emails and line up your dates. Unfortunately it’s not quite that easy.

Arguably the biggest hurdle most guys have to overcome is that very FIRST email. I get emails daily from guys asking exactly what they should put in their emails so they get read and responded to.

Because of my direct marketing background, and being a fanatical tester of what works and what doesn’t work, I’ve been able to isolate several key factors which should always be present when you’re communicating to a woman online.

More about those in a minute…

Before we get to them, let’s talk about something even more important to your success in writing compelling emails.


No, I’m not asking you to read her mind… Not that you could, but what I am asking you to do is to put yourself in HER shoes.

Attractive women are getting BOMBARDED with emails each and every day, more often than not these women are getting the same lame emails guys send.

The more successful you are at putting yourself in a woman’s shoes who is using the internet to meet guys, the more successful you’ll be in getting women to respond to your emails.

It sounds simple but it’s true.

The more sensitive you are to what she’s going through, the more persuasive you can be, the more rapport you can have with her, and consequently, the more she’ll trust and agree with you.

Put yourself in the shoes of a woman who’s being bombarded with emails daily from men.

Special Report: Instantly find out exactly
what type of responses a woman is getting
to her personal ad and grab her attention
by doing EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what
most guys do

Get it here:


When you’re trying to spark interest with a woman you meet online, you need to create
rapport, a great way is to ‘make yourself like her’.

What common interests do you share?

Was there something in her profile that caught your eye?

You shouldn’t forget that with email, people generally see it as more private/personal
than your profile… people know that a profile is written for everyone to see.

When you send an email, the perception is that it should be personal, because emails
typically are personal in nature. Therefore, use this to your advantage.

It’s absolutely critical you write as if you’re speaking to ONLY HER. Don’t speak AT her,
or TO her, speak with her, just like you’re talking to a friend.

Some keys to emails that get women to reply:


You MUST personalize every message you send out. Women have a BS detector and
can smell a copy and paste email a mile away. Even if you just use her screen name
1 time, make it personal.

Talk about her profile, let her know in some way that you actually READ her profile.


Compliment her on something you find interesting about her or her profile (you did read it, didn’t you?) … something you’re intrigued about. Remember the best way to get someone interested in you is to become interested in them first.

I have this 2 step system I use which does just that called:


Rather than tell you all about it, here’s a quick example:

To ENGAGE, you can say something such as:

‘I read you’re into _____ Thats really cool.’

Then you EXPAND on it by adding:

‘I’ve always been interested in _____, how long have you been into it?’

This is very simple, but VERY VERY effective.


What’s the very first thing a woman sees when you send her an email?

No, it’s not your photo, no it’s not your email… it’s your subject line. What you place in that subject line is critical to your email even getting open. If your email doesn’t get opened, all that time you spent to craft that killer email was all for nothing.

The subject line should create intrique and almost force the woman to want to open it… because it’s compelling.

Women will tend to open emails if they’re more conversational in style and more personal, rather than generic.


One thing I do almost all the time is to look through your own inbox and seeing the subject lines which stand out to you. Which ones capture your attention IMMEDIATELY?

In your subject lines mention something unique about her profile. For instance… If she’s into shooting pool, your subject could be something like:

‘Hey [her screen name], so you think you can shoot pool?’

“pool shark?’


The first sentance is arguably the part most guys have the biggest problems with. If the
subject is the most important part of the email itself, then the 1st sentence is the most important part of the body.

The goal of your first sentence should be to introduce yourself and to estabilish rapport. Start by saying something you’d say to a friend.

Make sure your emails are written in a conversational style… like you’re emailing
a friend of yours. You can ALWAYS tell when someone’s sending a copy and paste email… because the email is usually very ambiguous and says nothing specific about that woman’s profile.


You have an intriguing subject line, an inviting first sentance, used some humor in
the email, and now you’ve got to seal the deal.

This is where you need to insert a CTA. This stands for Call To Action. Simply put, what
do you want the woman to do as a result of reading the email?

Answer that question and you have your CTA.

I have a rule with each step in my system: Every step only has ONE CTA. This is where most guys mess things up. They give women too many options, or none at all.

Tell the woman what you want her to do next, you can say something like…

‘Read the email and get back to me…’

‘I’ll be looking for your response’

‘let’s see your answers to the questions…’

There you have it. 7 KILLER tips to help you write introduction emails women read and respond to.

Dave M. is the author of Insider Internet Dating: Discover how an average guy met 398 women with online personals — using an embarrassingly simple, dummy proof, internet dating ‘routine’ that works nearly every time. He also publishes a free internet dating tips newsletter, available at

6 Things You Should Never Say In Any Of Your E-mails

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

insiderinternetdating1.jpeg“What 6 things every guy ought to know about getting an Online Booty Call.”

Want an online booty call? Here are the 6 THINGS YOU SHOULD *NEVER* SAY IN ANY OF YOUR EMAILS. (… unless you don’t want her to reply.)

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‘I just came across your profile’

This line has been used over and over and over again, and its dumb.

DUH! Hey genius, of course you just came across her profile, otherwise you’d never be
able to email her!

This line is lame, worn out and insincere. The BS detector goes off from a mile away with this one.


‘I figure that I probably won’t hear from you, but…’

Confidence is the #1 thing which attracts women, Therefore, if you’re doing THE EXACT OPPOSITE of the thing which attracts women, you’re doing what?

REPELLING women away… usually in droves.


‘I’m not what you’re looking for, but…’

Uh genius, then why are you even writing?

If you’re going to write a women who’s looking for something you’re not, do it with confidence. If you don’t make it a big deal, odds are she won’t.

You can’t email a woman thinking you’re not going to get a response. It’s the law of attraction… you keep focusing on not getting a response, guess what you end up getting?

You won’t get a response.




‘If you decide not to write me back, can you please take a minute and tell me why.’

Yeah ok. This one REALLY *wreaks* of desperation.

If you are guilty of sending this in any emails, put the book down, look yourself in the mirror, and repeat:

‘I will not be a wuss anymore.’ Then go ahead and slap yourself upside your head for being a dumbass.

Sending this to a woman IMMEDIATELY conveys you don’t have confidence, experience or understand how to spark attraction, and will almost guarantee you won’t get an online booty call.

Don’t make things harder for yourself by putting this line in your emails.


‘Would you like to join our swingers group sometime?’

Ok, for real, if I even have to explain why this is so wrong… forget it.

Meeting women online is not for you. I can’t tell you why right now, but someday you’ll
understand… seriously, it’s for the best.

(… UNLESS you’re sending those emails on some ‘adult’ site, but even then — what do you think EVERY OTHER GUY IS SENDING?)

just a little something for you to think about…


‘I wanted to see if there was more to you than just another pretty face’

This line wreaks of BS. Sad thing is so many guys are STILL using it.

If you’re STILL using this line in your emails, you are WAY BEHIND what many of my students are doing … and THAT’S the reason why you’re not getting the responses you’re expecting.

This line was made famous by one of my mentors David DeAngelo, and has probably been used more times than a cheap street hooker.

Getting an online booty call is easy if you just avoid these 6 things in your emails.

Dave M. is the author of Insider Internet Dating: Discover how an average guy met 398 women with online personals — using an embarrassingly simple, dummy proof, internet dating ‘routine’ that works nearly every time. He also publishes a free internet dating tips newsletter, available at

5 Steps to a Great First E-mail

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

insiderinternetdating.jpeg“These 5 little known email hacks make it much easier to Meet Women Online”

I can say that it gives me more vital energy. Buying viagra online. The difference between a brand name medication and a generic is in the name, shape and price.

There is one question my inbox gets filled with each week, one question I get asked over and over again from men all over the world who want to meet women online… it is:


You’ll find out soon enough.

Today I’m going to show you exactly how it’s done. In just a minute I’m going to give you A 5-STEP FORMULA you can use to create a killer 1st email that will get you more responses than you know what to do with.

Think about this.

Most guys think their picture is the most important part of meeting women online, however nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, your picture is important… but the most important part of meeting women online is not your pictures, it’s your 1st email. If you can’t get women to respond to your emails, it doesn’t matter how great your pictures are. If you DO know how to get women to respond to your emails, then you can meet women online anytime you want.

So, the question becomes how do you get a woman interested enough to respond to you?

I’ll give you my take on it.

In most cases women are getting bombarded with DOZENS of emails each day and from what you know most of the emails are horrible and end up being deleted.

Did you know this?

I didn’t think so.

The truth is until a few years ago, I didn’t know this either.

What I’m about to teach you will (hopefully) change how you interact with women online forever and give you the power to meet the type of women you are interested in.


1. Make sure your email is NOTHING like the ones you’ve
gotten if you set up a ‘Recon’profile. Knowing what most
guys are writing will help you avoid the most common pitfalls.
Remember its all about the recon.

2. You need to create a template of something which worked
before. (The word ‘model’ might come to mind) you’re essentially
going to model something which already works, then slightly
‘tweak’ it to fit you.

As you know I’ve got this down to a science. In my program I actually show you step-by-step (in video) exactly how I craft these emails. The program contains 8 email templates for all situations, and I routinely include more updates as I test and develop new ones.

I’m going to let you in on a big secret and show you how I create these email templates right here, right now in this email. I told you I was going to give you a 5-step formula for writing killer emails.

Heres the way I’d do it:

1. Introduction

You want to make her seem like she might not be ‘average’ but you’re not sure about it. I mean lets face it, what girl wants to be AVERAGE?

“Hey, my name is ____ I read your profile, thought you seemed kind of interesting, but I’m not too sure about you… yet.”

2. Mention something funny about all the emails she’s getting. (If you set up the fake profile, use the emails as the jokes.)

This is why I wanted you to set up the fake profile. Once you get all these emails from OTHER guys, you’ll be armed to the T with material to use here. There IS a method to the madness!

3. Mention something about her profile you found interesting

This is where you’re going to *customize* the template each time for each girl. She’ll assume you sent an email just for her. If you don’t customize the email 9 times out of 10 you’ll get busted.

4. Ask her a question about something. she’ll respond essentially qualifying herself to you.

Like: favorite type of food, favorite outdoor activity, favorite music…. anything to get her involved and to answer.

5. CLOSE – Tell her something like:

You seem cool and interesting and you’d like to get together for a drink sometime.

Thats it.

Remember that.

You just saw a simple 5-step process you can use right now to get more responses than ever. The key to making this work for you is to rewrite this the way you speak. If you don’t there’s a ‘disconnect’ from the emails to the person and when she finally meets you, she’ll be expecting someone else.

That is the reason why giving you something specific won’t work. When I did just straight up swiped David d’s emails, yes I got responses and everything went fine when we were ON-line — but guess what happened when we went OFF-line?

When I met these women they were all expecting someone else — NOT me!

I used to hear the women say: ‘I was expecting you to be different…’

(Yeah thats what you want to hear when you meet someone you may be interested in. NOT!)

Guess what?

I blew it with each and every one of them until I realized that I had to take the material and make it my own. Once I did, my results went through the roof!

I want you to do the same as well. Take what I teach you and make it your own. Turn it into your own personality, add your own words and add your own flair to it.

THEN you will start to enjoy a massive amount of success meeting women online.

Dave M. is the author of Insider Internet Dating: Discover how an average guy met 398 women with online personals sites — using an embarrassingly simple, dummy proof, internet dating ‘routine’ that works nearly every time. He also publishes a free internet dating tips newsletter, available at