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Bait and switch

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008


“Using Uk Photo Personals? Don’t make the same mistake this guy made”




Don’t make the same mistakes this guy made using uk photo personals.


She rakes in over $10,000 a month simply by writing emails to her virtual male ‘friends.’ Could you be one of those men who are unknowingly tripping over themselves to help make HER wealthier?


Do you enjoy being taken advantage of?

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Of course NOT!


Neither do I…


And that’s why I simply refuse to sit around and allow “so-called” women to try and TRICK YOU

into sending them money.


Today I share details about a typical “BAIT AND SWITCH” tactic many scammers use to prey on

un-Savvy guys meeting women online…


You definitely want to BE ON THE LOOKOUT for this one! (I’ve included the story below for your

reading enjoyment).






A man has lost £16,000 ($38,345 in two internet dating scams after sending money overseas to girls

who failed to turn up.


David Hodgkinson, from Margate in Kent, advertised his profile on a variety of internet dating sites and was approached by a Russian woman called ‘Natalia’.Ê


Hodgkinson sent the woman £10,000 (A$23,972) so that she could obtain a visa and purchase a ticket

to fly over and meet him in the UK.


After being given a variety of arrival dates he went to Heathrow to meet her four times but she never arrived.


“I feel no ill in my heart. I did really love her,” Hodgkinson told the BBC.


Hodgkinson then tried a Christian dating site and stared chatting with a woman from Senegal. He sent her £6,000 (A$14,386) but again she failed to turn up.


Hodgkinson borrowed money from his elderly mother and remortgaged his home to pay for the two girls. His mother is now taking out a loan to clear his debts.


“I did tell him off about keeping going to Heathrow,” she said. “In my heart I knew they wouldn’t ever turn up. But he never listened.”





Stories like this make me sick!


I think to myself, if only I’d had a chance to speak with David (or if he’d gotten my program), he could have so easily have avoided the mess (and $38,345 in debt) he gotten herself into.


Okay… I just want to point out a few things in the story for other guys out there to learn from.


After sending money, and going to the airport not 1 time, not 2 times, not 3 times – but FOUR times, ‘she’ never showed up. (maybe thats because there really was no ‘she’).


He got burned by this scam one time, then what does he turn around and do?






Poor guy.


I mean c’mon.  Would you do the same?


… And to make matters worse, the poor guy went and re-mortgaged his home PLUS borrowed money

from his elderly mom!


(Damn, am I the only one who think this guys chasing just a bit too much?)


Here is yet another example of how the “pros” PREY ON naive guys!


If you think this is a just a rare occurrence, think again!


There are plenty of people out there who are experts at convincing you to part with your hard

earned money.


You’re not going to fall for this are you?


No way!


The second (and VERY important) reason I’m writing you is to point out  “hidden lessons” you

can learn from this whole thing.


Here they are:


1. Never send money to ANYONE on any dating website. The moment ‘she’

asks for money is the moment you stop communicating with ‘her.’


2. If you get an email from a woman overseas, ESPECIALLY russia or africa,



3. Communicate with women in your LOCAL area. Why waste time talking to

someone who doesn’t live nearby?


Hmmm… something to think about.




Dave M. is the author of Insider Internet Dating: Discover how an average guy met 398 women with online personals — using an embarrassingly simple, dummy proof, internet dating ‘routine’ that works nearly every time. He also publishes a free internet dating tips newsletter, available at

10 tips to make your online dating more successful.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

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insiderinternetdating2.jpeg“Want to Meet Women Online? These 10 tips make it easy.”



Here are ten tips that make meeting women online a breeze.


TIP #1


Mention Something About Her Profile


Make sure you address a thing or 2 about her profile in your initial email.


Women will know when you’re mass mailing out these emails UNLESS you customize each one to them.


I few years ago it wasn’t the case, but with the recent success of double your dating, it seems like almost every guy is using the same email that david DeAngelo recommended years ago.


This is changed the game a bit for the rest of us, so make sure you tailor each email to that woman.


It should only take a few more minutes per email so its not that big of a deal but it WILL increase your results vs. not adding anything in.



TIP #2


Add A Call To Action


What do you want the woman to do as a result of reading that email?


Well, i know you want her to respond, so tell her that.  Let her know that if she’s interested you’d like to hear back from her.


You can say something like:


If you find (this email/my profile) interesting, I’d like to hear back from you.


Or something similar.


The point is, you need to lead the woman and tell her what you’d like her to do as a result of reading the email.



TIP #3


Spell Check


Make sure you have no spelling errors when you’re sending out these emails.


There’s nothing worse than a woman reading your email and saying to herself, ‘Wow, this guy can’t spell.’


It totally gives off the wrong impression and puts you behind the 8 ball from the get-go.


It takes 30 seconds to run a spell check in your word processing program (15 minutes if you use Microsoft WORD. LOL)



TIP #4


Ask A Female Friend


Once you’ve gone thru and reworked your profile, go ahead and ask a female friend of yours to have a quick look at it and give you her opinion on it.


If you’ve got an odd sense of humor, it might come off as you being VERY weird and might scare off some women, so DON’T try too hard. Remember the goal of the profile is to let women know you’re a cool, confident, classy, charismatic guy.


Think of your profile as a brochure. Its a point of reference for women to go back to.



TIP #5


Show And Tell


What I mean by this is that if you say that you’re athletic, then give an example of what types of sports/activities you enjoy.


If you say that you like movies, which ones?


State it, then back it up with something a bit more detailed.



TIP #6


Your Photos


Rule number 1 with photos is to NEVER EVER have a photo with no shirt on.


Its very tacky and women typically will laugh at it regardless of how great your 6 pack abs are.


I always recommend using the photos to show off your lifestyle…


Give women a glimpse of what you’re like, what type of life you lead.


Have a photo in a suit.  Its classy and women always love a man in a suit and tie.


If you’re balding, thats o.k. don’t wear a hat in every picture because women will think thats being deceitful.  They want to see what’s up before they meet you.


Listen whatever issue you have about your looks/body make it her problem not yours.


You’re a great guy and you need to project that to each and every woman that you come in contact with.



TIP #7


No Winks


Never send a wink.  it shows that you’ve got no confidence and are waiting for the woman to make the first move. (there are much better ways to get women to make the first move)


Remember that women love confident men and by sending a wink, she knows right away that you lack confidence.


It’s o.k. if she sends you a wink but sending her a wink isn’t going to work well for you.



TIP #8


Get Her Number Already!


There’s absolutely no reason to wait 3+ emails to ask her for her number, and unfortunately this is a problem most guys have.

Most guys tend to wait for the woman to suggest taking things offline, which conveys you aren’t confident.


I preach getting her number the SECOND time you email her.


It shows that you’re busy, you don’t have time for these ‘online relationships’ and you have a life.


Remember this: The longer you wait to ask her for her number, the lower her interest becomes.


Strike while the interest is high.



TIP # 9


Make Her Laugh


When you finally do get her on the phone, make sure you make her feel comfortable.


Remember thats she’s probably a bit nervous talking to some random guy that she met on the internet.


Women have this fear of meeting some whacko, so make sure you ease her fears.


Once you’ve done that, your next goal should be to make her laugh…


A lot.


Talk about funny things, maybe some ‘odd’ experiences you’ve had while doing this internet dating thing. If you haven’t been out with anyone yet, then talk about some funny emails you may have gotten.


It’s a great way to break the ice.



TIP # 10


Have A Plan


Like in any sport, you need a plan for each step of the way. Dating is usually a ‘taboo’ topic for most guys to talk about with their buddies.


We don’t want to feel like we’re losers or dorks and we usually feel like less of a man if we ask for help.


Trust me, I’ve been there.


Listen, Is there anything wrong with a guy that wants a plan?


Because maybe because he’s nervous, or unsure about what to do in certain situations.


Is there really anything wrong with that?


Is there anything wrong with a guy wanting to make sure that everything goes well, that he doesn’t have to stress out about what to do each step of the way?


Or so that he doesn’t blow a TON of cash each time he meets a woman?


Is that so wrong?


We get one chance to make this work with women, ONE chance.


We blow it and we can kiss that woman goodbye forever, so why not give yourself every opportunity to make it work?


I think thats smart.




Dave M. is the author of Insider Internet Dating: Discover how an average guy met 398 women with online personals — using an embarrassingly simple, dummy proof, internet dating ‘routine’ that works nearly every time. He also publishes a free internet dating tips newsletter, available at

10 Myths about meeting women online.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008


8 Words that make you irresistible to women.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

insiderinternetdating.jpeg“Instantly boost your Confidence With Women by saying these 8 words”

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No confidence with women? Use these 8 words that make you irresistible to women.

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I believe in the power of words.  Don’t you?

Sometimes, all it takes is a few well-chosen words used in an e-mail or a conversation with a woman – and she’s literally under your spell.

If you don’t believe me, I’ll give you solid proof in a moment.

But first, I want to tell you the 8 words that will not only boost your confidence with women, they will make you irresistible to women as well.  These are words that are particularly useful after you’ve managed to ask a woman out on a date, and she’s agreed.

So now that you’ve landed that date and you’re on your way to meet her, if you’re like most men, you probably have a case of the jitters – especially if the woman you’re going out on a date with is H*O*T with a capital H.

The bad news is that if you go on and meet your date in that jittery state, she’ll smell it a mile away.

It’s a big turn-off for women when men stammer, are unsure of themselves or appear nervous.  Remember that confidence with women is one of the 5 Cs of dating.  Confidence is sexy to a woman.

So what should you do to instantly feel at ease and confident?  Here’s a trick I learned that works wonders.

Right before you meet with your date, repeat these 8 words to yourself out loud:

“I’m irresistible and she’s going to love me.”

Okay, I know it may sound like nothing more than a simple affirmation, but you won’t know the power of it until you try it.

Repeat the sentence many times and actually FEEL irresistible.  Begin to act AS IF you’re irresistible.  How would your posture be, and how would you stand, how would you speak if you absolutely KNEW you were irresistible?

When you do this exercise and really FEEL it, you’ll find that your body will rearrange itself to be aligned with your new state of mind.

You’ll appear supremely confident and a woman will sense that you’re desirable (without knowing why).

I know a guy who does a different variation of this exercise.  He struts as if he’s just won 20 million dollars in the state lottery.  He feels rich, powerful and able to conquer any woman.

That makes him a magnet to women, even if his wealth and power are only make-believe!  The key is to act AS IF you have what it takes to attract women.  If this works for you, go for it.

Earlier on, I told you that with a few well-chosen words, you can literally put a woman under your spell.

This may sound cheesy to you but it’s true.

There are 2 magic phrases that I’ve used over and over again when talking to women that are absolutely killer.  These phrases are so powerful that my dating success skyrocketed when I began inserting them into my conversations with women.

You, too, will be shocked and amazed how well you do when you start using these phrases.

So what are these 2 magic phrases?

You know, I’d really like to tell you but I’m afraid you’ll take them out of context if you haven’t learned the rest of the Insider Internet Dating program.

You see, these phrases are pretty counter-intuitive.  They sound like things you should never say to a woman but trust me on this, they’ll work wonders.

However, when you familiarize yourself with the overall strategy I teach about relating to women, you’ll know without a doubt why these phrases are powerful.

Dave M. is the author of Insider Internet Dating: Discover how an average guy met 398 women with online personals — using an embarrassingly simple, dummy proof, internet dating ‘routine’ that works nearly every time. He also publishes a free internet dating tips newsletter, available at

How to Make the Most Out Cyber Space Dating

Monday, November 3rd, 2008
six tips to grow your reviewfour tips to grow your papers, Yahoo!personals,, What do these web sites have in common? These sites made match dating such a hit with the townspeople of today’s online world.

What is match dating, you say? These two words made a breakthrough in the field of dating. What used to be long and tedious wait for that someone to approach you and ask for your digits to hopefully lead to a very long-awaited date is made most accessible through match dating. This phenomenal process involves matching two people together considering their compatibility tests. Match dating rids many of the hustle and bustle brought about by the traditional way of acquiring a date. It can be a way for the reprieve of those who get stressed out by the hassle of trying to find someone with interests similar with theirs. Match dating also guarantees that the person you are matched up with is most probably somebody who complements you.

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However, some people that have already signed up on match dating sites may still have a hard time stumbling on that person that will give him or her the date of his or her lifetime. Why? It might be caused by a lot of factors. To resolve such dilemma, here are a few guidelines in making the most out of a match dating site.

High-profile or Low-profile? One key point that may aid in ensuring that the match dating site will be matching you with people that are right for you is to make your profile as accurate as possible. What I mean with accurate is that your profile must actually describe you and your preferences in the best possible way. This could be attained with providing details, i.e., height, complexion, nationality, interests, profession, age, etc., that may further facilitate the matching process. The more detailed your profile is the better and the faster the match dating site will find that most suitable date for you.

Match Compatible. Match dating sites thrive on making people that sign up on their services undergo a battery of tests that will demonstrate who matches with who. Match dating sites prepare various questions that will bring out one person’s real desire and whatever he or she is passionate with. The results of the questions will be corresponded to other people’s test results that will consequently lead to their being matched up. To make sure that this match dating process will turn into a success, one must answer the variety of questions as honestly as possible. Any discrepancy committed by the person hoping to grab a date from a match dating procedure may result to disagreeable matches. Your compatibility profile, which is the upshot of your compatibility test/s will be the key element that will predict who you will be matched up with.

The Real Deal. Those people who will fit your compatibility profile will then be told to you. And most likely, depending on whether how much intervention the match dating site allows for itself, you will be given a chance to get to know more of the person or if you are matched up with several people, you will still have to select the one that you think matches you most. The contact details of that person will either be disclosed to you or the other way around, or either way to allow the two of you some ample time to communicate. If things go smooth between you and that person you singled out, it will really depend on you if you will be able to snag that coveted date (the event, not YET the person) or not. So you see, this is the only time when you will be fussing over the dating troubles. And the difficulty is not even that much compared to the outdated method of date-hunting, right?

Match dating has very good results. Aside from those timid people that match dating sites target, it mainly benefits those looking for a fuss and worry-free way of finding that right person. Who knows? From match dating, yours, like many of those who made the most out of it, may also lead to marriage!

Current Dating Offers:– 72 hours FREE trial

Yahoo!personals – 7 day FREE trial – 7 day FREE trial.

For more dating offers visit here.


Monday, November 3rd, 2008

How to proper use online dating sites

Monday, November 3rd, 2008
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eharmony1.jpgSo…is the usual dating scene getting tedious for you? Tired of preening yourself for hours,  then hit every watering hole in town, just find the ‘One’, but strikeout anyway? The killer lines you possess making you a more of a chump than a charmer? Let’s face it: we can’t all be James Bond. Maybe the traditional approach isn’t for you.

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Not so long ago, the avenue for many lonely hearts was through the use personal ads in their quest for their perfect match. However, with the advances in technology and the internet,  posting in the personal ads are the thing of the past. Now there are online dating sites.

Log on and Dive in

Online dating sites are means for people to find that ‘special someone’ via the information superhighway. Contrary to popular belief, they are not an avenue for sleazy
misadventures. Mind you, Online Dating sites has revolutionized the romantic scene for many adults looking for love. While many others would take the traditional route of hitting every major watering hole in the metropolis and going through the usual games of attraction, hoop jumping, and  putting the best foot forward, online dating site users would rather enjoy the art of conversation via chatting and e-mail; bar rooms have been replaced with chat rooms. It’s a safe, easy, and  inexpensive way to find their partner/soul mate.

Online Dating One-Oh-One

If you are planning to take the information highway to true love, here are some things you should know first:

1) Find a site. – There are thousands upon thousands of online dating sites out there on the internet; Google alone is a sure-fire way to link up. Find one that is right for you. For those who feel that their special someone is in the same country, they’d prefer to keep it local for convenient hooking up. While those who rather think globally choose to transcend international borders. Take your pick. Examples of such online dating sites are  and

Current Offers: – 72 hours FREE trial – 20% off a 6 month subscription. Code: CJSUMMERPROMOAABB. Expiration: Nov 30th 2008

2) Set up a profile. – As Hitch would say: “Go with what you have. If you’re shy, be shy. If you’re outgoing, be outgoing. She doesn’t have to see the whole you all at
once, but she definitely wants to see the real you.” The chief policy for online dating sites is honesty and sincerity, and veteran online daters can spot B.S from a mile away. Remember: you’re looking for true love, not a one night stand. Set up a profile that is attractive yet sincere. Once you set up your profile, then you’re good to go.

3) Collect and select. – The beauty of each online dating site is that are many profiles for you to pick and choose. It’s a smorgasbord of potential life-partners. If some chick states in her profile that she enjoys a Saturday night playing in traffic andunder the influence of ecstasy, then you can ignore her (unless that’s your thing also) and move on to the next. If she has the same interests as you do, then make contact.

All set? Good. Now you can sit back, relax, and begin your search for true love.

A Word to the Wise: Some rules.

Okay, like many things, there is a downside. Like the traditional methods of courtship, there are rules. Online dating is safe, inexpensive; over 99 percent of the
Online Dating sites in the world are very sincere about finding you the perfect partner. But thereare still dangersto contend with.

Anonymity breeds paranoia: what you can’t see might hurt you. There are many kinds of con men and women out there who use internet dating as a means to part unwitting victims of their wealth, some wish to inflict serious bodily harm, and some use it for other forms of  cyber-crimes. Unfortunately, due to the vastness of the World Wide Web, there isn’t an effective way to police each and every e-mail or chat rooms without impinging our right to privacy, so here are a few safety tips when using an online dating site.

1) Never give out your home address – This it THE biggest rule in online dating. When meeting someone online for the first time, one should never give specific details about their location, be it the home address and landmarks. The basic rule of thumb is to correspond with each other through e-mail or chat rooms around 6 or more times until you are confident that he or she can be trusted.

2) Never state anything about your financials – Another big rule for online dating sites. As I said earlier, there are scammers out there on the World Wide Web whose sole purpose is to part you with your money and use online dating sites as a means to that end. The prudent thing to do when your correspondent seems interested in the amount of money you make is to drop him. Here’s one example: If at some point, your correspondent seeks financial aid and
asks if you could lend him some cash, then you should just drop him. It may seem cruel. Hemight be genuine about it, but you shouldn’t take that chance.

3) Listen and verify their stories – What do your potential partners want? Honesty and sincerity. Anonymity breeds paranoia. You do not know who you’re really talking to, so be careful. It may be difficult at first if you’re new to using online dating sites but, given time, you’ll be able to spot the difference between sincerity and plain old fashioned B.S. Just listen to each and every word they say. The advantage of online dating is that one is given time to step back and meticulously process and digest the correspondent’s story.

4) Leave word – When you get to that final stage in your internet courtship in which you arrange an eye-ball, a rule of thumb is to meet in a public area. Always tell a
friend where you’re going and give means to contact you. If you’re a little uncomfortable going alone, bring a friend.

There. Wasn’t that simple? Now go forth, log in to a online dating site, find your perfect match, and ride into the sunset together. Online dating sites are loads of fun, if you know how. It sure as heck beats going out on a Friday Night and striking out. People might find you a  little odd for for using online dating sites, some might think you’re a perv, but who cares?

Just remember: Love could be just a click away.

How to pick up a partner . . .

Monday, November 3rd, 2008
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matchcom.jpgAre you guilty of vetting new dates through their bookshelves? Do you scrunch up your nose at a guy or girl’s choice of reading material? Or have you ever decided you couldn’t possibly be a love match if they don’t feel the same way as you do about your favourite book?

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The books we read say something about us, whether we like it or not. The daily commute is populated with people unwittingly revealing insights into their personalities through their reading choices.

The man on the bus reading David Sedaris is likely to have a fine sense of humour, while the woman reading Love In The Time of Cholera might have romantic sensibilities.

Meanwhile, if you’re spotted reading Proust or James Joyce’s Ulysses on the bus, chances are people will think you’re a bit of a show-off.

Now a new dating site is saving singles the hassle of snooping through potential partners’ bookshelves by putting their tastes in books upfront on user profiles.

Penguin publishers have teamed up with the online dating website (special offer: 72 hours FREE trial) to help book lovers become simply lovers.

Anna Rafferty, Digital Marketing Director with Penguin, came up with the idea for a books dating site when she overheard a conversation about a girl who was disappointed to find an incompatible bookshelf.

“She discovered the guy she had gone on a date with was really into all of these books that she couldn’t bear.

“She felt, you know what, he’s not worth it. It’s absolutely a deal-breaker. And then she thought, if only I’d known that from the start I wouldn’t have even bothered.”

The sentiment gave Rafferty the idea. “Everyone has one book that you just had a huge thunderbolt of love for when you first read it and you connected with it and felt that it resonated with your soul.

“If you met someone else who felt the same way about that book for the same reasons, you’d think, ‘Oh my god, maybe we should get married.'”

The site has been up and running since the end of August and already has 1,000 members and 100,000 visitors, although as of yet, ‘no marriages’ says Rafferty. But what makes the site different to other dating sites — does knowing someone’s taste in books give a deeper insight into the person?

“You can connect deeply with a book,” says Rafferty. “Books are genuinely social currency in a way that boots and sportswear aren’t. And they’re not only a signifier of the kind of person you are — that’s the theory behind the coffee table books and why you put certain books out on display — more than that they can be self- defining and can tap into what your cultural values are and what your core beliefs are.

‘Because books occupy that deeply emotional part of people’s lives, it almost gives permission to be able to talk to people on quite an intimate level. I do think it’s quite an emotional connection.”

In other words, you’re never going to be stuck for conversation.

“Even if you don’t feel that great big, ‘Oh my God, you’re the same person as me,’ at the very least it’s a really good way to start a conversation, even if you hate the book they’re talking about. People have opinions on books, so it’s a great way to get the ball rolling.”

If online dating is not your thing there are still plenty of other ways to meet book-lovers, including your local library, bookshop, reader events or even a book club, although, anecdotally at least, book clubs tend to have a scarcity of male members.

Frances O’Gorman, executive librarian with Clare County Library is on the organising committee of the annual Ennis Book Club Festival in Clare.

Last year they organised a speed dating-style meeting for book club members who had travelled from all over the country for the festival. But there was little chance of romance.

“Well, they were all completely women,” says O’Gorman with a laugh. But the purpose of the speed dating-style meet-up was more to break the ice amongst book club members than to create love stories.

“It’s very difficult to get men to join book clubs, even in a library setting,” says O’Gorman. “Over the years there was only one male member. I do know a group of men here in town who planned on setting up a book club and they talked about it and even chose a first book, but they never actually met.”

Whether through book clubs or online dating sites, reading and discussing books has become a resolutely social experience.

“A big factor is the friendship thing,” says O’Gorman. “Getting to meet people, obviously they’re all readers and love reading, but the idea of just getting together on a monthly basis and creating friendships, it’s a great way of immediately getting to know a group of people.”

Like Anna Rafferty, O’Gorman agrees books offer people an opportunity to discuss issues on a more intimate level that they might otherwise.

“You’re getting to a deeper level really because of the contents of a book or your experiences, things that arise when you’re discussing the book and the themes and topics in it. So definitely, it’s a really good way of chatting to people and getting to know people.”

If that hasn’t got you convinced of the aphrodisiac powers of books, research has highlighted that books and reading are now considered sexy.

“I think it just gets sexier and sexier every year,” says Rafferty. “It goes both ways as well, it’s sexy for men to read, it makes them attractive to women. Books themselves are sexy.”

So, if you want to get sexy, best get reading.

Single Life – Internet Dating

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

eharmony.jpgBy: DaveStuff

You know I used to be a bible teacher… That would be Sunday School at a local Baptist church… I was a singles teacher which is often the hardest teaching position in a church to fill…People don’t want to mess with singles and their problems. Do YOU? But how many problems do singles actually have?

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It’s funny… Many people that are married or together with somebody will envy their single friends…And then single people want to be with somebody… It just goes round and round.

Where does one go to get “hooked up”? With the success of MySpace and other networking sites it appears more and more are going with the internet to pick up dates. (Been there done that myself) For better or worse…  :O

It’s easy to pass hours at a time talking to prospects on the other end of a computer… As un tangable as that might be… People talk about “falling in love” over the internet without ever meeting the person face to face… Very strange.

But hey! It’s all good… You can have that guy that looks like your dad on TV over at eHarmony sign you up with a credit card to meet thousands of people that are looking for love. Current Offer:  20% off a 6 month subscription. Code: CJSUMMERPROMOAABB. Expiration: Nov 30th 2008. And their “system” matches you up perfectly with a mate…What could be better?


Monday, November 3rd, 2008
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lavalife.jpgToronto, Ontario, October 28, 2008 – As anyone can imagine, being a part of the Military takes strength, courage, passion and dedication. These same traits are also valuable in the women who choose to date or marry men serving their great countries. Lavalife, ( a leader in the singles industry for over 20 years recently spoke with a number of Military wives and girlfriends to hear how they make their military relationships work, and in turn we came up with 5 tips for women ready to date men in uniform.

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Committing to someone who places themselves in the line of fire to serve their country is tough. Because of all the extra hard work involved, the quality of the relationships is different, and some may even say stronger, thanks to the restraints and pressures placed upon them. Of course this isn’t to say that there aren’t benefits to dating someone in the military, or that the difficulties aren’t bearable when you meet the soldier for you.

If you’re ready to make the commitment to being a military girlfriend/wife, here are 5 tips from Lavalife to make sure your relationship stays out of the line of fire.

5 Tips for Dating in the Military
1) Keep lines of communication open
When your partner is deployed, you have to communicate however you can. Emailing is the easiest and most accessible option, but try to chat by phone as much as possible too. Hearing your loved one’s voice on the other end of the line always makes you feel closer. Getting a piece of home is always welcome too, so sending care packages and snail mail letters are always a great way of showing you care.

2) Trust each other
As in any relationship, trust is an ultimate key. Whether your significant other is five or 5,000 miles away, trusting one another fully will insure long lasting strength in any relationship.

3) Value the time you can spend together
For those who do fall in love with military personnel, it’s not all about hardship. In times of peace many soldiers often are able to finish work early and the military tries to plan their operations around the school year so that personnel can spend as much time with their families as possible. Use this time to plan a romantic weekend away or take a fun vacation with the family.

4) Be independent and learn to take care of yourself
It’s important to redefine your idea of “partnership” and be able to stand on your own for long periods of time while your other half is on duty. Your boyfriend/husband will feel better knowing that you will be okay while he is away serving the country.

5) Build a solid support network of friends and family while your loved one is away
“I am very close with the wives and girlfriends of the deployed soldiers from my boyfriend’s unit. While the men are gone, we all stay very close. We help each other. We support each other. And we take care of each other when one of us needs it,” says Mikki Glass, a New Yorker who is dating a First Sergeant in the US Army.

Dating someone in the military isn’t going to be everyone’s idea of a good time, but with the right attitude plenty of happy couples make it work just fine.

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